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The Guy

The Guy

Anrol Cruz, that’s my real name. But since I started working in 2013, I had to create a nickname that people (especially my bosses) would easily remember me, so Ace Cruz was born. People normally ask why from Anrol to Ace, the only reason behind it was the initials of my name, ‘A’ + ‘C’ then just another letter to become a name which is ‘E’. Nothing really so special.

Currently, I am taking my post-graduate degree at DLSU with a specialization in Marketing Communications. 

My days would normally be about talking to different people. It’s really challenging yet fun and exciting. I have experienced a lot of things that seemingly completed my reputation in my career life.

Ace Cruz as The Guy

Since I am working full-time, I barely have much time to do things I really want to do, so every weekend is like a sack of diamonds for me, it is the most precious time I have for myself and for my family, so I always make sure that everything is maximized – watching movies at home, cooking food, going places, and bonding with my mom and my niece, and even with my dog, Moet!

In short, fun happens every weekend.

For more details about me, feel free to follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz and my Facebook page at @TheWeekndGuy.

For your pleasure, please watch my first online exposure as an 'extra' on a Burger King commercial (click the link below):


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