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Reasons Why You Should Visit A Museum Once In Your Life
By Anrol

The Philippine National Museum and behind is the Manila City Hall

The New Building for Anthropology and Social History
Visiting a museum at least once in your life is really important. It should be considered as you draft your bucket list every year - never forget about it. A small house of antique collections to a whole establishment of the ancient artifacts are all the same museums, so regardless of where you are planning to visit, it is still okay and is counted as a museum visit. 

So, I and my friend Joanna visited the Philippine National Museum in Manila today. It was a mutual decision and was a different but fun experience. And here below are the reasons why you start considering a museum visit 

Take a glimpse back from the past

For me, there is no more contention about the Manila's rich history, as I saw the reason why Manila is still the best place to reminisce the old Philippines. In the  Philippines National Museum, you will see how the Filipino people progressed through the years, and how their way of life have changed through developing and discovering new ways to improve lives.

Taking a walk down memory lane is helpful as it takes you through where everything has started. It tells you that what you have learned from your social science, anthropology, civic, and history classes are true and it really happened during the time it was mentioned it occurred. There is no hyperbole in all the story of past that changed the now. All were valid and proven.

Learn the history of yourself

What you are right now is the product of the actions of the people from the past. Taking yourself to the museum helps you better understand yourself and the people around you today. It completes you and your identity. It tells why Filipinos can speak Spanish and why our houses started from a simple nipa hut to stone ones.

Go out of the ordinary

Today, there are a lot of adventures that are too mainstream -- many people have gone through places where the majority have already visited. Museums are not one of the 'places' today, it is more exclusive than the others. 

Going somewhere out of the common path is an achievement at the same time, a bigger opportunity for you to learn and discover something that you can tell the people only by yourself, something unique and special. Besides, museum entrance fees are not really that expensive, we only paid Php50.00 each for a half day tour with so much to see and so much to unfold that is worth more than what we paid for. 

The famous Spoliarium of Juan Luna who had won a international recognition
Take a step up against others

While everyone is truly knowledgeable of the past, but only a few have actually witnessed it. Be one of the few who have seen the remains, artifacts, etc... that truly tells what happened during that time. It gives you a bragging right to tell your friends, family, and the people around you how a specific material look like and how it contributed to the rich history. Like for example, how the first guns look like, the fragments of the ships used by the explorers, the clothes people wore, etc... 

Museums are the visual storytellers, they take you to everything through the images and actual materials that lead to the present.

Cheap adventure

I mentioned above that it is really affordable to pay for the museum entrance fees, well because most of the museums are subsidized by the government and they cover for all the charges that are supposed to be charged to the guests, the reason behind this, it is stated in the constitution that the country must uphold and preserve the culture, arts, and tradition of the people, in order to have a balanced and a strong foundation of its history. 

Please do not ask me regarding the specific articles about it, I'm not an expert on this! 

A unique and an intimate experience

For guys, instead of taking your girlfriend to a fancy restaurant, go on a movie date, or some usual amusement parks, it is better to bring her to the museums for more unique and exclusive moments together. There you can actually amuse yourselves together with the best artworks on site. With little or no people around you, just you and your girlfriend

In a way it will help you both discover each other by seeing the different perspective and taste in creativity of one another. You can even help each other interpret an artwork and learn its history. 

Truly, a smart way to spend the time together. 

So, these are the basic reasons why you should try going to the museums once in a while, it will not just help you but you will also help the museum to fund itself to help other generations to see what you have seen. Besides, there are a lot of instagram-worthy spots in every museum that will make your feed more creative and unique.

For more stories like this, please feel free to subscribe to or follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz  and on Facebook at /weekndguy for more visual feeds and stories.

Cheers and have a great weeknd!

Nuvali Summer Escape!
By Anrol
The Solenad 3, Nuvali Park

Nuvali Lakeside Picnic Grounds: Please take note of the
rules and regulations once you go there!
Weeeeknd! The word that everyone loves, especially those who are trapped inside the corporate setup, and nothing can do much on a regular weekday schedule. 

So today, I and my friends have decided to crack up a good weeknd shot at the Nuvali Park in Laguna to get off the cut-throat life at work. We often do this almost every weeknd to put Work-Life-Balance really into life, and not just a myth that everybody has really ever thought of -- the fun is real trust me!

But of course, we do not want to spend much for a grand weeknd, so again, the practical yet generous (Totally contradicting, I know!) me has come amidst the decision making of Where and What Tos. 

Surprisingly, Nuvali has so much to compare with other recreational places I have been to. It has been my third to visit this place but today is my longest stay, so I was able to notice more and discover more.

Our itinerary includes (Yes, you have to do this sometimes for you to have a more organized and to not miss anything fun to try to!):

1) Try something heat-beater desserts
2) Walk around the place and see more stuff
3) Look for the best Buffalo Wings that I have been hankering for!

Mango and Chocolate Bingsu plus Strawberry and Blueberry Toast
Since it is a half-day tour all around the place, we immediately headed to the dessert places, we saw Purple Oven (I love their cakes, and it's really inexpensive!) and Cafe Seol Hwa (A famous Korean Bingsu Store in PH). And because my friend, Hannah is graduating from Doctor of Medicine program on April 28, we let her choose which one to try to and since we are looking for something cold and cute, we have chosen Cafe Seol Hwa -- it was really worth the try!

Korean Bingsu is just like the Filipino version of a Halo-halo but the ice is more crashed, soft, and it has different toppings to choose from, you may have mangoes, chocolate, green tea (my favorite but it
was not available when we visited the store), strawberries, and a whole lot more. They also offer toasts and some desserts that are harder to refuse.

We tried Strawberry and Blueberry Toast with Cheesecake and mochi-ish sandwiched with really good toasted and crunchy bread. It was really worth the grab; the mix of sweetness of the mochi-ish filling, the sourness of strawberry and blueberry, and the creaminess of the cheesecake, made a really fantastic combo of the toast. 

Truly, a must try cafe!

After filling up our stomach, we went out for a good walk. Tried to check out what the park has to offer to everyone. 

Well, the whole place covers every human wants; they have shopping places, restaurants, a hotel nearby, a mall, a park for a more nature-friendly adventure, speedboat experience, wake boarding, biking, and a whole lot more!

Coy Swarm at the Park
Upon walking on the other side of the park, we saw a crowd looking at the pond - they were feeding a swarm of coy! It was really a lot and it really appeared to be like the pond is running out of water and the fish are starting float. 

They appear in different colors from white, flesh, orange, and red. They are really big and healthy. Seems to be like people love feeding them. 

At first, when I saw it I felt goosebumps all over my body. I really don't like the formation that they're doing, but looking at them for a minute or two, my eyes are kind of adjusting and started to like the fish. Coy's feeds are available on a kiosk nearby the pond, you may avail a handful for only Php15.00.

There were mini stalls available there, too. Selections from plants, candies, clothes, accessories, local food, etc... All comes at a very affordable price. 

After checking out the stores, we had a really good selfie session at the park. The place was really cool to take some shots and post it on our personal social media accounts. We had selfies at the grass, at the dock, bridge, and anywhere we want to. 

We also saw people flying kites, setting up picnic covers, and preparing food baskets, and sitting down for a comfy Saturday afternoon.

Some are taking leisure biking which they were able to rent out from a booth offering for only Php60.00 per hour that is available from 8AM to 5PM. Unfortunately, we were not able to try out one since we were too busy taking our own selfies. 

The adventure is really fun even we're out of the common Summer beach getaway because we were really having a perfect dose of our weeknd escapade. Enough to see much of almost everything.

This lady is gracefully flying her kite.

Bottom to top: Anrol (The Weekndguy), Donna, and Dr. Hannah
The Melbourne like beauty in Nuvali.
Shot taken by Dr. Hannah

The building behind me is the Seda Hotel.Photo taken by Dr. Hannah.

It was really a long fun day at the park, we didn't even notice the scorching heat of the sun because we were really enjoying everything. Weeknd spent well for every one, indeed.

But the day did not end just yet, of course, we had to try some real food to fuel up our happy hormones. And since, I have been craving for buffalo wings, I told them that we should find one some here. And Donna suggested Chubby's, sounds scary because we are on a diet, but I guess this adventure is worth of a good sin. So we ordered, Nachos, Firehouse and JalapeƱo Buffalo Wings, dirty rice, plus a bottle of Blue Moon Beer. The dips were really good! Tastes like authentic mexican dips. 5-Star rate for Firehouse - it has a really right blend of flavor and spice level (Though we didn't get the spiciest one since the two can't handle it).

Yum yum for the tum tum.

Watch out for more weeknd stories, subscribe to now or follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz or on Facebook at /weekndguy. Please feel free to share your thoughts as well for this article or I am more than happy to receive review suggestions and recommendations for future posts.

Cheers and have a great weeknd!


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