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Tech Savvy Now On Craze With Citi Credit Card, Citi PayLite This June

After a talk with a friend yesterday over the phone, I have discovered that the whole month of June is the tech craze of all gizmo fanatics! As Citi, the country’s leading global bank, continues to reward its loyal cardholders and PayLite users.

So much things to do and to purchase for your gadget satisfactions. Through your Citi credit card, you can now protect your existing devices -- and even upgrade for a new one in style on 0% (Z.E.R.O) Citi PayLite at Digital Walker, Beyond The Box, Asianic, Switch, and iStudio—all leading retailers of the latest electronics and accessories in the Metro—from now until June 30, 2016.

Here below are some of the stores with special offers and freebies using Citi Credit Card and Citi PayLite:

Power Mac Center

When you shop at Power Mac Center, you become a guaranteed winner! Pick a prize to win any one of the featured gadget accessories—Audio Technical headphones, a Mipow Voxtube 700 Bluetooth headset, or a Fluxmob Bolt portable power adapter—worth up to P2,800 when you spend at least P50,000 at 0% Citi PayLite up to 24 months.

Digital Walker

Get your urban gear at Digital Walker, where you get to choose between a set of Coloud Knock headphones worth P1,195 or a Scosche Magic Mount worth P1,295 when you charge P25,000 or more on your Citi credit card.

Beyond The Box

Shopping at Beyond the Box allows you to enhance your listening experience. Take your pick from Coloud Hoop headphones worth P1,495, or a Scosche BT Boomcan compact Bluetooth speaker worth P1,495, after making a P50,000 transaction. Looking for computers, mobile gadgets, and peripherals? Head on to Asianic, where you can also get a Orico 5-Port desktop USB charger worth P1,680. In need of mobile accessories, like a protective case or tempered glass? Drop by FoneStyle, use PayLite, and take home a SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD card worth P1,399 along with your new swag. Eligible transactions in either store must cost at least P25,000 per receipt. 


Indulge yourself with a classy featured Moshi MacBook case worth up to P3,000 when you purchase with a minimum single-receipt of P50,000.

A single-receipt PayLite purchase of either P50,000 or P25,000 gains you a long-lasting powerbank or a stylish case for your gadget respectively. How so good it is, right?

Here is more!
On top of all these cool freebies, get a free 18-inch Yellow Cab pizza when you PayLite at least P25,000 at any Citi PayLite accredited merchants using any of your Citi credit cards from now until June 30, 2016.

The PayLite installment plan allows Citi cardholders to enjoy 0% interest at partner establishments and institutions nationwide, payable from 3 to 24 months. Along with the Citi credit card, it makes staying updated with the latest in technology and cool accessories conveniently easy!

To learn more about PayLite and other rewards exclusive to Citi cardholders, visit or call the 24-hour CitiPhone Hotline at 995 9999.

Live with The King. Experience Prime.
By Anrol

Technology has never been as revolutionary as this before. Yes, there had been discoveries, improvements, and changes on the aesthetic features to make consumer experience better. But, we keep on wanting for more, we keep on searching for the prime experience for the best stories that we can get. So much so to the quality moments that we can share with our loved ones.

Huawei has never failed me with this.

Huawei's Nexus 6P
Huawei with its most revolutionary Nexus 6P that, for me, has the best 5 features that it can offer to the most advanced tech users like us. The specifications that can turn you with great satisfaction and fuel up your creativity, as it offers unlimited mobile options.

Here is my best 5 Nexus 6P features:

Iconic Hardware DesignFor me, a really good phone comes with a really good hardware aesthetics. It should really appear that it has a powerful and a world-class user-experience. Nexus 6P is designed elegantly with a pure Android identity, an impression that tells how powerful your phone is.

Its physical features have technologically-advanced compositions for a gadget-savvy like us! 

Nexus 6P's curved metal shell is crafted from the aeronautical-grade anodized aluminium that really gives a full metallic look on your phone. How cool is that right?

Not just that, look how fancy this phone is, it is built with diamond chamfers encircle Huawei's iconic hardware design. Perfection made even better!

Truly, a sophistication on your hand.

Stunning screen clarity and front-facing speaker. This phone surprisingly comes with a sharp 5.7' WQHD AMOLED display that gives stunning clarity with 518 pixels per inch, while a superior front-facing speaker offers crisp sound. A perfect combo for watching movies on your phone! 

Personally, I can now watch Game of Thrones anywhere, anytime with almost the same experience with my computer and TV. The only difference is that I can watch it while I am on my travels, as I walk, and even on my break time at work!

Photo taken on Huawei's website
Low-light loving, powerful camera. Camera phones made even better! This phone gives us a better photo quality even at night! With its 12.3MP lens, a specification ideal for the low-light surrounding, as the 1.55μm-pixel captures more light, turning your best time into vivid beautiful shots.

Fast charging mobile phone.  Due to its reversible USB Type C charging port, re-charging your phone is now more convenient and requires lesser time. Besides, it has a long-lasting 3450mAh battery that can go further for a longer adventure! 

Longer battery life means more photos, more fun, and longer chats with family and friends! (Woah, too much awesomeness in one phone!)

So, if you are looking for a phone that has the same requirements as what this phone can do. Well, I think, it's about time to re-think of your mobile phone preferences. Imagine how this phone matches your revolutionized living - or even beyond what you can do. 

Nexus 6P is now available in the Philippines. Check their website through this link and follow them on Facebook and Twitter at +Huawei Device PH.

Also, do not forget to follow me on Facebook at /weekndguy and on Instagram at @acecruzzz. Also, I'm a Nuffnang Blogger and if you want to join our communit, feel free to message us on Facebook at @NuffnangPH.

Cheers and have a great weeknd!

Instagram 'Unfollowers' Now Traceable!

By Anrol

It truly feels so good when people follow you on your Instagram account - it makes you a bit famous in a sense that people are really looking after your dailies to even your weeklies. But, what if you will get quite a number of 'unfollowers'? How are you suppose to know who 'unfollowed' you?
With the newly developed app, you no longer have to trace back your followers versus your list of following -- life made easier in just one click!

The mobile app is called Followers that helps you identify the names of your followers, following, the people you followed but did not follow you back, and those you did not follow back as well. It's a complete statistics of whatever you need, especially for the marketers and some famous personalities which will enable them to better understand the instagram users' behaviour towards following preferences.

Insights that explain from the perspective of the user, the media, and engagement.

There is more reasons now for you to be on Instagram and it is now the right time to market yourself, your brand/ product, and your activities.

Know more of the new mobile applications and current trends, simply subscribe to now and follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz and on Facebook at /weekndguy.

Next review will be about the mobile apps needed for like-a-pro photo editing techniques! Watch out for the next story here on the

How to start your own website and domain name

Your Dream 'Dotcom' Is Now Easier To Achieve
By Anrol

Never doubt google research! It will definitely help you.
Before putting my own website, I really had no idea (if not, little) on how to put up one nor even the initial step to do so. But of course, reading articles about it is truly helpful - I won't be able to start one without discovering stuff through reading, so now you are doing it as well and you will eventually be able to discover more after this article.

Whether you want put a blog or for business, it's really important to know your purpose and how you visualize the package of your page. So here's how you can start doing so:

Know Your Nature

It is really important to identify how your page will go, the content, the design, and the experience. Before jumping into buying your own domain name or start doing a page on any webpage provider, you must initially write and conceptual everything from page to page, the photos you will use, the message content, etc... These are necessary for you to conveniently fill the space out; you may write down stuff through the microsoft word or any office tools, so that you can keep the data when you need it to transfer already.

Check On The Most Preferred Webpage Provider

This is how my admin page looks like. On the left side, there are options on how you
 can further customize your page. Trust me it's easy, just go through it.

There are a lot of webpage providers to choose from, to name a few:


But here I chose since for me this is the most convenient and most user-friendly provider that those users who have little or no knowledge on web programming can handle. The first thing I started to do was I directly went through the layout customization.

Basically, the layout customization tool will guide you on how your page will totally look like--from the favicon to header to body to gadgets to footer. The gadgets are those items like the Subscribe Now, Message Us, Page Views, etc... you can easily add those through clicks.

For the designs, you may check on the template tool. There are varieties of templates to choose from, you can even customize the littlest details, if you are too keen on it, through the advance menu. You can change the font style, tab texts and colors, etc...

Upon completing all these stuff, you definitely are good to go! You are now live and ready to share all your thoughts almost about anything.

However, the URL is not directly named after your desired name. There is a 'blogspot' word in it since owns the page. But, I will teach you how to get one in the next item.

Owning Your Domain Name

Owning one is easy and affordable! There are a lot of domain name providers available, and to name a few:

2) Yahoo! Small Business
3) 1&

Just go through and browse the page. Don't worry it's safe and easy.
These are one of the best and cheapest providers online. But of course, I'll tell you how to actually start one via since I bought one from them for only Php596.00 or $13.24 for one year! Yes, for one year! That's is like Php49.67 or $1.1 per month and it is tax inclusive. How so cheap right?!

Anyway, first go through the page and choose packages that you want to get. offers free domain name, your personal email, and web builder assistance for an extra Php596.00 or $13.24. I did not choose web builder since I have my account already. It's all set and just waiting for the personal domain name.

So there, I paid through my sister-in-law's credit card (She didn't know about this, but I'm allowed to do so, haha!) Waited for some confirmations--and there my domain name is up and live already!

Link Your Domain Name To Your Blog Account

Since I used, I had to access my account and made some changes in order for me to effectively link it to my own domain name.

This part is pretty difficult so you better see the links that I will provide below and read carefully.
First thing to do is to go to your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basic > Publising > Add Third Party URL > then input your domain name > click the highlighted instructions > then following this link and read:

After doing so, go back to your blogger account dashboard and tick the check box to redirect to your domain name. Patiently wait for 24 hours until can automatically connect your page to your own domain name. Should there still be problems, call for an assistance at and they will be happy to help you solve the problem.

So there, you now have your own 'dotcom' and enjoy your new page! Please do not forget to follow me on Facebook at /weekndguy and on Instagram at @acecruzzz. Subscribe for more updates and stories by clicking the Connect tab now!


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