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10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province - In front of Aquazul Resort and Hotel
Cagbalete Island in Quezon Province is a calm, clean, and camper-friendly paradise for everyone. The sand and waters are clear and fine as the other known pristine beaches in the Philippines — but this one remains isolated, unharmed, and well taken care of. 

But, before sharing the key learnings of my adventure, I would like you to promise me that you’ll keep this Island in its best shape — be responsible with your stuff when you go here and take initiative in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach. 

Cagbalete port at 7AM - waiting for the ride back
to the Mauban Port
First off, here is how you can reach the island, according to Rappler: 
  • From the Cubao terminal, ride a bus to Lucena in Quezon. (The fare is P225.)
  • From Lucena Grand Terminal, ride a van going to Mauban port, which will cost you P70. 
  • When you reach the port, head to the Municipal Tourism office for booking purposes - you’d be charged P50 for the environmental fees.
Back to the actual topic here is the list of the things you should know before traveling to Cagbalete:

1.) Safest boat ride from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island is between 10AM to 3PM. From Cagbalete Island, the ride starts as early as 6AM and up to whenever is possible. Coast guards cut transportations when the waves are crazier. 

2.) You’re passing through the Pacific Ocean, thus, expect the waves really tougher; brace yourself for the 45 mins to 1 hour bumpy ride. 

3.) Low tide starts at 4PM and ends by around 8PM. Expect to see crustaceans, sea grass, more shells, and tiny fish.

Cagbalete's low tide look
4.) For ready-to-eat food, drinks, and toiletries, the store in The Tent Place is basically complete for an islander or backpackers. Prices are reasonable and affordable. You can also recharge your phone there for only PHP30 and rent other swimming gears.

5.) Be ready to get stranded, bring extra money for another night of accommodation and food; coast guards do not usually allow boats to sail if the waves are stronger and if there is low pressure build ups. Sailing announcements are usually out by 6AM and 12NN.

6.) When you get stranded with no cash on hand, Aquazul Resort & Hotel accepts card payments and pay when you reach Mauban port to withdraw cash — Queen Margette Hotel is their affiliate hotel in Mauban that helps stranded guests in Mauban and Cagbalete. There are ATMs available nearby the Queen Margarette Hotel as well.

7.) You should try Pinagong, a delicious, heavy piece of bread known in Quezon Province! Perfect to match with coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise by the shore.

8.) Mobile connectivity: Smart gets pretty steady network signal, while Globe’s connectivity is pretty wobbly but you can make calls or send text messages. 

9.) Private boat ride is pretty expensive, it ranges from PHP1,000 to PHP2,500 or more than depending on the number of pax riding the boat. But, if you have a weak heart like mine, I would not suggest this to you -- waves are really strong and it may capsize the boat if worse case happens. If you're in for some thrills, then go. 

10.) The island has two types of water available in the island: Salt water surrounding the island and  a freshwater that hids in the middle of it. 

For more adventures and travel tips, follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz and on Facebook at /WeekndGuy. 


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