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GoSPCE: Game-changer of Work & Play Space Booking

Finding, reserving, and utilizing spaces for work and play activities just got easier and more exciting with GoSPCE, a booking and hospitality operations platform that brings together owners of spaces with an increasingly large market interested in booking them.

“GoSPCE is both a discovery and booking experience for consumers as well as a full end-to-end hospitality operations automation platform for space owners,” says Randy McGraw, co-founder of ALTUS Digital Capital - the owner-operator private equity firm that is driving the regional expansion of GoSPCE. “Owners of any type of space that can be used for work or play purposes can list, shape, price and market their spaces - whether conventional or unexpected spaces - define what activities can be conducted there, and find interested consumer segments by using online marketing tools offered by the platform or via our own marketing in their behalf.”

GoSPCE has a billing gateway and automated check-in/check-out function that enables a seamless transaction for both Guest and Host.

What Makes GoSPCE Beneficial to Hosts?

Any commercial establishment (with a valid TIN) that has available spaces for work or play purposes will find huge value in GoSPCE. These include co-working space operators with single desks and rooms to rent, hotels with spacious meeting rooms, open areas and pools, bars with unused second floors, restaurants with function rooms or dead space between lunch and dinner seatings, building owners with parking lots that can double as a practice space for teams or bands, or an open field that can be repurposed as a soccer pitch. We welcome any commercial space that can be used for work or play.

By using the platform, Hosts not only run their operations smoothly but provide a better customer experience through the following:
  • ●  Full control of shaping, defining, and pricing their spaces
  • ●  Fully automated and secure booking and payment process for guests
  • ●  Real-time discounting tools to conduct targeted sales and manage inventory
  • ●  In-app communication tools to reach guests both during and after their stay
  • ●  Marketing and selling in-house-value add services, transacting and fulfilling
    the orders through the app
  • ●  Permissions based dashboard analytics to understand guest behaviour and
    requirements better


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