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10 Facts That You Are Undeniably Working in Makati

Poblacion, Makati Philippines
Regardless of your tenure in your company located in Makati, we all have our shared experiences that make Makati pretty interesting against other business districts in the metro. Just like Humans of New York, Makati has human dwellers, too.

Here are the facts:

1) Yo have mastered the art of pasosyal while dining at Jollijeep

2) Rada and Palanca Streets are your quick Tita & Tito fix

Bell & Dragon Makati photo by Booky PH
3) Your midnight run for your nightly dose of poison is Poblacion

Poblacion, Makati's Red Light District. Credits to
4) You know that it is no chill to wait for your ride at Park Square

Park Square Makati - Van and Jeepney Terminal Going South
5) Makati has more life than QC, BGC, Alabang, and Manila. It is more realistic to achieve your work-life-balance goals. 

6) If you have extra budget during Pecha De Peligro, Higher Grounds is your meal deal.

7) For smokers, you smoke at parking lots and at the Jollijeep spots - but alerto con todo for the Mamang Makati Officer riding a motorbike to avoid penalties.

8) When in Poblacion, you observe Ateng service providers if they are Ladyboys or not.

9) If you're feeling a little sosyal, but budget should be on point, you buy your coffee at Tim Hortons in Insular Life building.

10) Your office is in Magallanes and Circuit Makati areas but you think you also deserve what mainland Makati workers have.


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