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Stella Artois inspires perfection

When it comes to providing the ultimate beer experience, Stella Artois inspires excellence and perfection at every stage, from brewing to staging the perfect pour to hosting the perfect party. 

Detail is never overlooked when a glass of Stella Artois is being poured. That’s why the Belgian beer brand holds the Draught Masters Championship every year, a competition that celebrates perfection, quality and passion – everything Stella Artois embodies as a brand.

To prove that Stella Artois is poured with the same majestic flair in the Philippines and elsewhere as it is in its homeland of Belgium, the renowned beer brand scours each country in search of the most talented beer slingers on the planet. Tap virtuoso Jason Laurio beat a pool of peers and announced the Philippine champion at the 2017 Stella Artois Asia Draught Masters competition.  

Laurio was judged on his passion, enthusiasm and skills on executing Stella Artois’ complex 9-Step Pouring Ritual, a custom that epitomizes the brand's continual quest for perfection. This centuries-old tradition requires polished expertise in the art of pouring the perfect beer from the tap as well as the bottle, showcasing Stella Artois' dedication to delivering superior beer the world over and promoting the unique Belgian beer experience that Stella Artois aficionados have enjoyed for more than 600 years. 

The Stella Artois perfect pour is fundamental not only to ensure the highest beer taste but to provide an entertaining spectacle for bar patrons and to provide a source of inspiration for bartenders. This pouring ritual makes use of the brand’s Chalice, a curved glass that was designed to enhance the beer’s flavor by releasing its aromas when liquid is poured into it.

"Just as wines are poured into specific glasses for peak enjoyment, the Chalice’s curves, stem and signature gold rim yields the ultimate drinking experience of Belgium's gold-standard lager,” says Chester Cabrera, Head of Marketing at Booze Online, Inc, distributors of Stella Artois in the Philippines. “Stella Artois should only be poured one way. It is observed properly to serve the pleasantly bitter beer flavor we’ve always loved.”

Philippine Draught Masters champion Laurio recently showed off the exact way to pour Stella Artois at an intimate get-together at Pablo Bistro at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, explaining the intricacies of each step of the Pouring Ritual along the way. 

To round off the perfect Stella Artois experience, Belgium’s beloved beer was paired with carefully crafted bites sent out by Pablo’s talented kitchen team. Beer has become a worthy accompaniment to meals in recent times as connoisseurs have become more aware that different beer styles and flavor profiles can complement a meal just as well as fine wine.

Each of the items in Pablo’s cocktail menu mirrored Stella Artois’ distinct taste beautifully. Hearty cheese-filled pizzetas and croquetas complemented the beer’s full-bodied flavor, while a sweet and salty chicken satay helped balance out the beer’s bitter notes. 

As this cozy cocktail gathering proved, Stella Artois does not only inspire the perfect pour; it’s also the perfect companion for hosting the perfect party. 


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