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Luna & Moet, my forever #FluffyFriends


Luna & Moet are my babies. 
Luna is a Golden Retriever,
While Moet is a Shih Tzu. 
Both come along great together;
Luna loves eating and Moet loves playing. 

Luna is a brave dog, she can climb the stairs
With no second thoughts. She taught Moet how to climb, and in return,
Moet gives her a portion of his meal. 

They would always run around the house, catching and biting each other's ears and tail. 
Every time I'm on my rest day, they would play with me—they love biting my toes. 
Barking and running all day!

They love taking pictures with me, well, at least I think they do. 
Whenever I'd feel like taking selfies with them, 
my mom is always there to the rescue. 
She'd bring out her OPPO F1S, the phone I gave her last Christmas. 

OPPO F1S is truly a #SelfieExpert, 
it takes photos just the way we like it. 
With crisp images and the low-light camera sensitivity;
truly takes the selfie game up a notch. 

Luna & Moet are my babies,
and we're happy to welcome Hennessy & Hendricks, our new bunnies, to the family, too!
Definitely will have my selfie with my bunnies later using my most preferred selfie machine, 


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