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I saved money on hotel accommodations with Zen Rooms PH #MyFirstCebu

Last July 18, I went to Cebu for a solo adventure to welcome my 25th birthday. I didn't have much money that time since I was saving more for Singapore—just planned to have a quick detour in Cebu to experience it.

I was browsing through the internet for possible cheap yet quality hotels in Cebu  - since I am quite picky when it comes to where I am staying in. I am keen on the cleanliness of the toilet and the bed. Luckily, I remember that I have my VIP voucher code for Zen Rooms, then I checked it and found Zen Rooms Premium Banilad Hotel (which is the Alicia Apartelle). Zen Rooms has units there for their guests.

Zen Rooms Premium Banilad Hotel (Alicia Apartelle)

Booked it for only PHP1, 760 per night. This includes the 20% discount since I used my voucher code ZENVIPACE—you can use it too, if you want.

The whole facade of the building was pretty impressive, upon entering, you'll see there a great interior design with various assigned theme per set of couches. It felt like I was in an exhibit with various lobby set up and it was amazing!

The front desk officer was kind and accommodating, and she speaks English very well given that their staple dialect is Cebuano. She gave me my key card after giving a PHP1,000 for the insurance deposit which she gave it back 100% after my stay.

The Rooms at

It was a complete set of what you need! This is what I love staying in an apartelle. They have mini kitchen, a coffee table, iron and iron stand, a cabinet with a vault inside, AN AWESOME BATHROOM, and a nice, comfy bed with two cute elephant-shaped towels. There's nothing I could ever ask for; a house faraway from home. 

The air conditioning unit was working very well, unlike other low-priced hotels that sometimes are not in good shape.

The outside view wasn't really that pleasing, as I was placed behind the building which the only thing I could see was the backyard of Gaisano Country Mall. But, I never had to worry about it because I've always wanted my curtains closed. I love dark and quiet rooms.
Photo courtesy of Asia Travel

The amenities were great! They have pools, a gym, a veranda, and a lot more. The lift was great, too! It was made of glass, so you could see the picturesque of Banilad. It was perfect at night.

Places you can check out within the radius

Cebuanos' Fried Meat Balls, Chicken and Ngo Hiong

Malls & Local Street Foods

There's a lot of food to try and malls to check within Banilad. You can try their famous Ngo Hiong for only PHP7 each, it's a mix of vegetables wrapped in fried fresh lumpia wrapper. The Cebuano Siomai and chicharon bulaklak are fantastic also.

Carcar's Chicharon was pretty impressive but quite deadly for me.

Cebu isn't quite different from Manila, they basically have everything there as well. Same Filipino food and atmosphere—people are polite and hospitable but can rarely speak Tagalog.

Best Spots & Touristy Places

There's a lot to see in Cebu only if you have enough time for a quality adventure. But, given almost a day tour before leaving for Singapore, I could only do so much. So, I had only 3 places to see the Tops View, the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, and the Fort San Pedro.

Tops View

What's Cebu without an overlooking, cozy night out for some booze and chips; it is located at the peak of Busay. Best to go there via habal-habal (motor ride), as the slope might be a little challenging for an ordinary 4-wheel drive. From Lahug, Cebu on Salinas Drive nearby McDonalds, you can easily find habal-habal drivers there who can offer you a ride. Cheapest to bargain there is around PHP80. If you're good at it, you can get lower than that. 

Upon reaching Tops, be ready to pay for PHP100 entrance fee. It's quite expensive but it's worth it. 

The Yap- San Diego Ancestral House

This ancestral house in Pari-an really made its reputation by being the oldest house in Cebu that is still erected in roughly a century already. The house is the perfect actual illustration of the old Bahay na Bato  or a house that is made of stone. Well, in the Philippines, Bahay na Bato before was not really 100 percent made of stones, only the base was the stone, the rest is wood. 

Inside the house, you'll see classic memorabilia like the cutlery, furniture, radio, and some other traditional items that were commonly utilized.

Entrance fee is quite cheap, you can enjoy the place at PHP50 only.

Fort San Pedro

It is located at A. Pigafetta Street, Cebu nearby Fortuna Street, just a few minutes away from Yap - San Diego Ancestral House. It is considered as the heart of Cebu as there were many historical events and artifacts that are placed inside the vicinity. It is similar with the Fort Santiago in Manila. The story of Magellan was also well-told through the remnants and the people who was linked to him. Here you will realize that all what you have learned from your history classes were true. 

The premise is quite smaller as compared to Fort Santiago. Entrance fee is at PHP30. 

Well, overall, the experience was stupendous. From Zen Rooms to Tops View to the Ancestral House to Fort San Pedro in more or less than a day of #MyFirstCebu experience. What a great experience to cap off my 24th. 

Book your next hotel now with Zen Rooms:

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