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Perks of Traveling Alone

Nuvali, Laguna

Traveling with friends, family or with random people is fun and fulfilling but going places alone is a hugely different experience. 

Here, you'll understand why some of us would usually prefer to travel alone—it's not easy but I guarantee you, it's worth being alone sometimes:

1) You become yourself. Since you are alone, you become true to yourself more; you have the capacity to express yourself by holding no bars nor pretending what you're not. 

Stanley, Hong Kong
2) You set your own pace. You wait and follow nobody; you have the luxury to appreciate the beauty by your own terms. It's just you and the world. 

3) You explore yourself. It gives you the freedom  and luxury to discover who you really are, whether you are the type of person who likes strolling around the city or taking leaps in the forest, you get the chance of doing things by yourself. 

4) You meet unfamiliar faces. In traveling alone, you are obliged to communicate to people; it's one way to survive the trip. With this, you get to know people from different places and it widens your circle. 

5) It completes you. Sometimes, there are mysteries, questions, or unresolved issues that you are hankering for answers. It's like a puzzle that solo adventures help you figure out the whole picture of yourself. 

There are more perks to traveling solo, but these are the top reasons why other people do it. 

So, whatever reason you are doing it; surely, it has a reason why. And whatever it is, I am sure that it has a purpose that only you can discover. 

So, onto your next exploration, may you find bliss. 


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