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10 Must-Visit Places in Singapore

Singapore is boring, too safe, and predictable. But, not for me. I have enjoyed it very differently and I love the idea of coming back to this country.

It is a relatively small country, you can already do almost everything there in just a week. But, if you are a traveler like me—walking through patios and streets, discovering unknown places like restaurants, pubs, etc… are the kind of thrills that I really look for.

But, of course, every traveler is unique; we all have our differences, but we all have one purpose—it is to enjoy the adventure.

So here, I have dedicated a list of places that you must visit for you to enjoy your stay in Singapore:


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

The Weeknd Guy
Little India, Singapore

Little India is a colorful district in Singapore. It has full of vibrant colors of establishments, houses, and even their temples. Each corner of the streets are Instagram-worthy and have lots of stories to tell.


Culture-wise, it feels like you have really been to India with a simple touch of being in Singapore.


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

I have been to various Chinatowns in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. But, for me, the best is here in Singapore. The people are nice, organized, and quite neat on their surroundings.


Best to visit in Chinatown is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It speaks of everything you need to know with their culture. But, just a heads up, please wear appropriate clothes if you don’t want to end being held up by monks as you enter the premise. They provide cloths to help you cover yourself if you missed this advice.


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

The Weeknd Guy
Tree Top, McRitchie Nature Reserve

If you are into nature adventures, this one is the best for you. It’s a good day trek in the forest—and best experience to
encounter monkeys, squirrels, snakes, reptiles, and other wild but kind animals.


The awesome spot there is the Tree Top. There, you’ll find yourself standing on a suspended bridge that is basically 80-120 feet above the ground, and literally on top of the tall trees.


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

The Manila Street in Singapore
Probably one of the most famous districts in Singapore. Aside from having the biggest cheap store in the country. It is known for good food trips as well. Arab Street is one of the most famous streets in Bugis with a complete Arabian feel and ambiance; you can enjoy various Arabian cuisines like Lebanese, Pakistani, etc...

And take a little detour on the Manila Street. It is on the other side of Bugis (if you are planning to go to Arab Street) but it’s worth a visit because it will give you a different Manila vibe.


The Weeknd Guy
Credit: Singapore Tourism Board

The Weeknd Guy
Credit: Panoramio

Right now, the museum is moving to a new location. It will now be transferred to Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. Checking out a museum in every country you visit is really important—especially if you intend to understand their culture and the rich history of their country.


The City Hall is truly a wonderful place; it’s a fusion of modern and classic architecture. If you are an urban animal, you will enjoy this place. High rise buildings, people on ties and heels, and other corporate stuff that you’ll see along the way.

The National Museum of Singapore and National Gallery Singapore are the must-visit places in City Hall. They have all the rich history of Singapore; how this country has had progressed over time and how it was supposed to be similar with the Philippines in terms of governance back in the Marcos era.


Credit: Deep Sea Fishing
Credit: The Strait Times
It is located in the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. Pulau Hantu is actually made up of two islets: Pulau Hantu Besar (Big Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island).

It is the best place for fishing and snorkeling. Many tourists would go to Palau Hantu for some water adventure.


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

Credit: Singapore Guide

Read as, Klarki, probably one of the busiest districts in terms of night life and other entertainment activities. There you can enjoy music, booze, and food. Just be careful with your money, you might find yourself spending a little too much.

Credit: Silverkris
 Coney Island, alternatively known as Pulau Serangoon, is a 133-hectare island located off the northeastern coast of Singapore within the town of Punggol, between Pulau Ubin to its northeast and the mainland to its southwest.

Coney Island Park Singapore houses a wide variety of habitats, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. It is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, some of which are critically endangered. Some plants at the park are presumed nationally extinct in the wild. You may spot some otters there playing on the waters.

Basically, Coney Island is another great outdoor adventure in Singapore—best if you have your bike with you, so you can enjoy the park more.


The Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd GuyThe Weeknd Guy

Marina Bay is more than just the famous Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. There is a lot of things to do in there; you can do some good food trips (found on the left side of the Bay area facing Marina Bay Sands Hotel), a walk on the Helix Bridge, and some booze and music in the area. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find free indie music concerts in the area as well.

If I may suggest, go to each place that I have mentioned one day at a time. From there, you can appreciate and enjoy it more. If you think there is nothing to do in some of the places in Singapore—you’re wrong. You just have to observe, see what other people are doing and from there, you will have a deeper understanding on what it really takes to be a Singaporean and how to live in Singapore.

Soon I will be blogging about the best food places in Singapore. So, stay tuned. And by the way, I will be leaving for SG in July. So, see you there!

Sentosa, Singapore

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