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Things I do when I can't sleep

Sleeping Beauty Slaying Insomnia

Insomnia is now common nowadays, there are a lot of drivers to sleep deprivation. And those are very accessible and reachable such as the internet, high-caffeine products and any other recreations or things that people are exposed to that changes and weakens their  sleeping patterns. 
But, here are my common insomnia activities that I usually do to push myself to bed or make it at least worth my time:

1) I watch video snippets online, any random stories 
2) I stalk people; check them on Facebook, Instagram and see what they did a month ago
3) I chat to random people until I fall asleep
4) I ambush the refrigerator for the hopes of falling asleep after filling my belly
5) I listen to unusual music; those that I don't really play, so that I could bore myself to sleep 
6) I contemplate and think about my future
7) I check my wallet and feel so depressed
8) I write anything, as in anything — just like this
9) I try not to think after writing, so I can fall asleep
10) I watch the longest, weird video of a cat on Youtube! 

Sometimes, with these stuff I do, I totally keep myself up the next day and  feel miserable at work. Until now, I can't find a good solution to falling asleep faster when insomnia strikes.


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