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The Reason Why I Travel Often

Batangas Peak
Mt. Batulao in Batangas 
I am a frequent traveler, and that's my only non-negotiable when it comes to rewarding myself after the hard days at work. I always make sure that everything pays off after I get my jobs done--whether a success or not.

In this day and age, people literally go places for the purpose of rejuvenation--putting all the stress and noise away from your being. Fixing your own clutters, and be able to find your renewed self. 

I don't earn monetarily from traveling, but there are immeasurable memories that I get from it. Just like when I traveled to Hong Kong a few months back; I learned its culture, the people, and its unspoken truth—it widened and deepened my understanding about the differences; another piece of the puzzle I have gained from it. 

A puzzle that completes the picture of humanity. 

When I started going out the country back in 2012 in Indonesia, I felt the connection between the people and world; we maybe living afar but we are all stepping on one surface, in one land. That was the initial feeling that I felt visiting Indonesia. It was amazing, fulfilling despite the language barrier and the culture differences— it broadened my perception towards life. 

Indonesia Dessert Mountain
Mt. Bromo in Indonesia
Despite the lack of fund for traveling, it never became my hindrance to satisfy my soul in discovering new wonders; steps to leaps, nearer to farther, and smaller to bigger, it made me wanting to step out more— from short weekends to weeks of explorations. 

Traveling makes me smarter and more open to anything. It had let me learn things that other people may not be able to learn like being in solitary with the nature to find your inner peace or understanding the nuances of the locals you have visited.

Those things add to your being that make you a better person. That's priceless.

For me, whether you are the Pigafetta of Magellan or the Marco Polo himself, it's not important; what matters most is that you are thirsty to learn more about the diversity of people and the world to make yourself complete.

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Don't stop walking, climbing, diving, or whatever it is you're doing to exploring the great outdoors. It is you, you alone that can lead yourself to take the first step.

Philippine Destination
Nagsasa Cove, Zambales


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