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#Teñi101: 10 things only Caviteños would know

Ramon Revilla as Nardong Putik

When we say South, it's just South; and Cavite is out of it. Cavite is just Cavite; an isolated region in the Southern part of Luzon. Well, admit that hyperbolic statement. 

This blog is dedicated to my fellow Teñis (the generation of Caviteños); it is intended to let you know of our own DNA. 

So, here is the list of 10 things that makes you a Teñi:

1) Teñi uses present tense differently: 

When it's raining, we say, "naulan" instead of "umuulan" or when we're eating, we say, "nakain" instead of "kumakain"
We know that it's unacceptable for some, but learn to deal with it.

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2) We don't have handkerchiefs, we have our signature Teñi scarves 


3) Normal pinoys have pan de sal, Teñi has "putok" or "pambangka" that is perfect for a bottle of Coke during afternoon snacks
Putok - Local Tinapay/ Bread
4) To "eh" is Teñi, to Bakte is divine: you may still our "eh" expression but never our signature dance move!

5) Nento (nito), mememelengke (mamamalengke), kagahapon (kahapon), and dang (sobrang) are the basic Teñi words

6) Nardong Putik is our national badass hero
Nardong Putik
7) You wouldn't be confused if someone would tell you to go to Shovel Shovel for Shopping and basically other things that you may do

SM Pala Pala (Shovel Shovel)
8) Sigbin is your biggest childhood fear; best topic to talk about during Holy Week or All Souls Day

Sigbin (known as the pet of Aswangs)
9) People with surnames like Sapida, Mendez, Sakay, Maliksi, Saquiton, Manggubat, and Carungcong are legit Teñis

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10) Cavite is not that far from Makati and Manila, it's the traffic that makes the extreme distance—I'm a living witness of this every. single. day. 


Now, if you know more about Teñis, feel free to share here! Because being Teñi is life!

In general, Cavite and its people are fun and cool. We have the Paru-Paro Festival!


Drops mic. And my 45. 


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