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13 Reasons Why Packing is Life

Today, we are in the era of ‘travel is life’ and everyone is crazy about it—we feel so fulfilled every time we step our itchy feet out for an unforgettable trip. And since Thule has recently launched its summer collection, the Thule Subterra Collection, I have realized a few reasons why it is important to always prepare your luggage, backpacks, or even your sling bags whenever you take your feet off your own floor. 

So, welcome to my blog, here you’ll understand why I ended up a willingly lost soul:

1) When traveling you do not want to waste your time digging down to the deepest pit of your bag just to get your battery pack. LEARN. TO. ARRANGE. YOUR. STUFF. 

 Thule Subterra has magical pockets that do keep your small items in place. The bag is wise enough to help you organize things properly. 

Take a moment to appreciate the bag to the left. Awesome, I know. 

2) For sure, you want a bag that becomes one with you when traveling, you hate the feeling of really carrying things when going out. Choose the one that lets you feel extra comfortable when wearing. I’m not going to say which brand is it, just guess. (Take a moment again to appreciate the photo above)

3) I remember one time I was headed to Baguio, upon reaching the bus terminal, the strap of my backpack breaks all of a sudden. So the key learning, never choose a bag that is as fragile as your soul, learn to depend to a stronger packing buddy.

4) Whether you are traveling light or heavy, always think of the luggage that is as flexible as you are, you will never know when an adjustment on your load is needed.

The Thule Subterra luggage is just like that. It can be divided into two whenever it requires splitting. This usually applies to an overweight check in luggage, you can easily convert the other half into a hand carry. Fascinating!

Again, you’re welcome. 

5) When going on a city trip, you must be equipped with the right mindset that bags shouldn’t be just bags. It should be a personal statement, it doesn’t just keep your things intact. It must impress everyone—fashion is king, my friend. 

6) You don’t just pack things, you must always pack smart. Learn the art folding and organizing stuff. 

7) When packing lets you choose which one to bring, don’t think twice, pack both and let the bag adjust—don’t take this too seriously, always be reasonable with what item to bring. If it doesn’t fit anymore, choose the one that is more important.

The Thule Subterra Collection, launched in the Philippines for an ultimate outdoor packing experience

8) Most of the time I pack light but I carry a huge bag because who knows what you can find in your adventure? I leave home with minimal loads to carry but I go home with lots of souvenirs and good stuff. 

9) Whenever traveling always think of what type of person you are and match it with your bag, are you a luggage carrier or a backpacker? Choose wisely, it affects your mood and experience. 

10) If you feel like a little bit sporty, try carrying a duffel bag. Here’s one and appreciate it:

This 40L Duffel Bag does wonders, It’s smarter that what you think it is, this bag knows where you want to put your stuff in proper places; brought your soccer shoes with you? Fret not, it has a special compartment for that; worried about your sweaty, used clothes? This bag got you covered, it has a compartment that can secure your clothes without letting your dried items get wet.

11) When buying one, don’t mind about the price, you’ll understand why later on. Trust me, there were bags that broke my heart more than my wallet. And it hurts a lot. 

12) Here is a handpicked fresh potato, will you add this to your bag?

13) How about asking me to join you on your next trip? Sounds diamond to me.

Know more about my adventures, follow me on Instagram at @acecruzzz and on Facebook at The Weeknd Guy. You have questions? Email me at

Catch you.


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