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Twelve Ways to Stay Happy and Excited

 By Anrol

If you are really having difficulties trying look for some movitations to keep up with the stressful environment or with your very routinary professional life, maybe you need to spice up your life a little to learn more things and be yourself further. Below is the list of the twelve ways on how you can stay happy and excited just the way you used to before:

1)      Stretch out and smile as you wake up!

Start your day with a big smile and ready your muscles for a long yet wonderful day. Conditioning your mind towards a positive outlook will definitely help you all throughout the day. Who knows maybe the first person you will meet outside might be the one to bring you happiness today!

2)      Plan out your schedule.

Know what you will do for today, for the week, for the month, and so on if possible. Making a list of your adventures, hangout with your friends, and even date schedules for the people you love is really important to keep you excited and to get you something to look forward to. It doesn’t have to be grand, a simple coffee session for chitchats will totally make a difference.

3)      Eat good food. Dine with good people.

One way to free yourself from stress, sadness, and even boredom is to eating really good food – not just delicious, consider the presentation as well. Let the food please you. Splurge with something you deserve once in a while to feel that you have totally accomplished something, and that for you keep on doing more.

4)      Go out more. Take your feet further.

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive! You don’t have to spend some grands just to enjoy your travels. For sure there’s a lot of inexpensive trips out there just needed to be found. Google is here to help you or will help you to get reviews and rates for your desired destinations.

For accommodation concerns, AirBnB is designed to help you find friendly rates for a room or even a house - and traveling with your friends can totally lessen the costs! You’ll get to share the rent and the other fees.

So, where is your upcoming adventure?

5)      Explore your fashion.

Photo credit: Zalora's Official Facebook Page

Make your own statement. Be the one your officemates, friends, classmates, neighborhood look up to on trends and style. Better check your wardrobe and see what else can you mix and match better. If none, try to invest in buying new clothes to make some style. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive! There are a lot of affordable boutiques and online shops out there that needed to be found. Zalora is one! They have wider selections to choose from, you just have to get a sharp eye for your preferred style.

Here’s the link:, it’s available on mobile, too! Don’t be the last one to try. Been there and I regret it before when I wasn’t able to get the promotions!

6)      Listen to music and dance to it.

Now tell me what’s your jam? I would love to hear that, so that I can expand my playlist better! Listening to music once in a while will help you boost your mood and even attract more positive vibes.

Also, listening to random playlists on Youtube or Spotify can help you discover yourself more. Like me, I never realized that I have such a taste for KPop music until when I heard Lee Hi’s Hold My Hand on Spotify!

7)      Challenge yourself.

What keeps a man to always be a better version of him/herself? It is through taking challenges that s/he knows nothing about, be curious try to explore more than what you’re used to. Besides, there nothing wrong to acquire a few more things like learning how to photoshop images, how to cook a more complicated dish, how to use the mower at home. It won’t harm you anyway.

For me, the biggest challenge that I did this year was to start my blog and buying my own domain name! I now have my dream dotcom, yay! So, please follow my stories at and on Facebook at /weekndguy, I’m on Instagram too, it’s @acecruzzz.  

8)      Love what you do, do what you love.

This is one my mottos in life, I learned it from Confucius; choose the work you love, and you will never work for the rest of your life. So start doing what you love, you will feel rewarded every single day of your life!

9)      Declutter your room and your workspace!

Having a really clear mind starts at your room or at your office or to wherever you stay longer. If your stuff are pretty much everywhere like the cup of coffee you drank last week is still at the very same area you placed it after drinking, the used clothes under your bed, or the crumpled papers you threw at the corner, these clutters add up on your stress level (Trust me, been there before too!) because it creates a psychological effect that things are not going to the right places where it should be, and it will make you sad and disturbed!

So start cleaning up your mess and remove those clutters out of your sight! Let the other person in your house or office use the cup, too. Sharing is caring, always remember that!

10)   Do something different!

There was once a story of the group of ants who went out their home to scavenge food nearby, and there was one ant that was never happy walking on to the same path every day and he’s getting tired of eating the same food over and over, but nobody listens to his suggestions on taking a new route and find food elsewhere. Until one day, he had decided to take another route alone to seek for better food supplies. That day, the group that he left encountered a huge ant-eater and devoured everyone in the pile – the ant-eater had been lurking around and waiting for the right timing to attack the ants and eat them. But the other ant who left to seek a new route found a den filled with desserts and tons of food that he and his whole pack could store for the rest of their life.

Lesson: Doing same things over and over will kill you, learn to add flavors to your journey and be different and never blend in. It is always better to be you than to be like someone else.

11)   Watch movies and series.

There will always come a time that you don’t feel going anywhere, which you prefer just to stay home and lay down all day! During these times, it’s pretty much fun to spend your time watching your favorite movies (even for the nth time) or search for series online that you can watch. I must admit that I’m a sucker for Game of Thrones, and I would rather stay at home finish the whole season in one seating rather than going out for lunch! So, what I usually do, I would invite my friends and cousins to come over and watch with me and prepare snacks that we can consume while doing a series marathon.

12)   Get enough sleep.

This is in contrary to number 11, staying all night is good once in a while to really seize the moment, but on a long term basis, don’t do this. Don’t make staying awake your profession, unless you want to be the center of attention on a wake! Always remember, health comes first! Regardless of how much paid you are or how so important it is, always try to find some time to pause and sleep.

If you know more ways on how to stay happy and excited, please feel free to email me at or by commenting at the box below. Please follow The Weeknd Guy on Facebook at/weekndguy and on Instagram at @acecruzzz. Cheers!


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