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The Millennials

The MILLENNIALS: The reward-based generation.
By Ace Cruz

Nowadays, everything is becoming instant—it’s an old idea but it is true. Aside from the food that we eat and the software applications that we use, there are things that the so-called millennials are looking for, these are the things that we can’t get enough with. The instant rewards that are given right after an accomplishment; May it be in monetary, a recognition, or some travel incentives going to mainstream destinations like nature adventure or out-of-the-country trips. But are instant rewards really healthy? Do we really get a long-term satisfaction out of it?

The term YOLO (You Only Live Once) has had been deeply implanted in our minds - we easily get tired of our daily endeavours and we struggle so hard just to get a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the world we live in. While it is true that it is quite tiring to work in a very stressful environment, we tend to avoid the idea of coping up with such – we immediately look forward to getting out of the stressful zone and celebrate the kind of life we think we deserve; like a grand weekend adventure—or maybe you will even take your leave at work to make it a bit longer, so you can enjoy the adventure more.

We can’t deny the fact that travelling or some night-life activities temporarily help us escape the reality is now a big thing for us, the young professionals of this generation. We feel very much entitled to getting self-rewards for a job well done. But have we ever thought of achieving long-term plans and not just a quick weekend pleasure? I guess some of us will still believe in the idea of YOLO. Because I understand that we, humans, deserve a happy life.

But in this generation, we have to be really strategic and strict with the path that we really want to take. We can have our best YOLO moments while ensuring our future – guaranteeing that eventually you can enjoy travelling without compromising your savings. It will not just secure you from a possible financial dilemma but it will help your family or loved ones as well. Understand the value of financial investments and savings, and it will take you further—farther.

Learn to acquire patience as you endeavour professional life, it will help you get through your stress and frustrations easily.  So that once you splurge or take a break, you definitely are taking a break with no hesitations that eventually you will go back to the reality—the harsh reality that your mind has defined. You must learn how to handle such before learning to get away with it. Never take shortcuts, it won’t help you.

So if you think that rewarding yourself is the best escape from reality. Well, think again. But, if you have mastered handling pressure and if you have secured yourself financially then go on and enjoy life, as you have successfully discovered the truth behind a happy life in a very materialistic world.


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