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Reasons Why You Should Visit A Museum Once In Your Life

The Philippine National Museum and behind is the Manila City Hall

Museums are visual storytellers, they take you to anywhere through the images and preserved pieces of evidence that lead to the present.

The New Building for Anthropology and Social History
Visiting a museum at least once in your life is really important. It should always be written in your itinerary - from a small antiquity exhibit to a gamut of artifacts placed in one house are all the same, so regardless of where you are planning to visit, it is the same appreciation and experience.

So, I and my friend, Joanna, visited the Philippine National Museum in Manila today. It was a mutual decision and we were exuberant about it. And here below are the reasons why you should start to consider paying a visit:

Take a glimpse back from the past

For me, there is no more contention about the Manila's rich history, as I saw the reason why Manila is still the best place to reminisce the old Philippines. 

In the  Philippine National Museum, you will see how the Filipino people have progressed through the years, and how their way of life have changed through discovering new ways to improve life.

Taking a walk down memory lane is helpful as it takes you through where everything has started. It tells you that what you have learned from your social science, anthropology, civic, and history classes are true and it happened. There is no hyperbole in history that changed the now. All were valid and proven.

Learn your own history

What you are right now is the product of the actions of the people from the past.

Taking yourself to the museum helps you better understand yourself and the people around you today. It completes you and your identity. It tells why Filipinos can speak Spanish and why our houses started from a simple nipa hut to concrete houses.

Go out of the ordinary

Today, there are a lot of adventures that are too mainstream - many people have gone through places where the majority have visited. Museums are not one of those 'places' today, it is more exclusive than the others. 

Going somewhere out of the common path is an achievement, at the same time, a bigger opportunity for you to learn, something that is unique and special. Besides, museum entrance fees are not that expensive, we only paid Php50.00 each for a half day tour with so much to see and so much to unfold.

The famous Spoliarium of Juan Luna who had won a international recognition

A priceless and unique experience

For guys, instead of taking your girlfriend out to a fancy restaurant, or go on a movie date, or some usual amusement parks, it is better to bring her to the museums for more unique and intimate moments together. There you can actually amuse yourselves with the best, meaningful artworks from the renowned artists. 

Together, you'll learn how to appreciate artworks and see the messages it convey. 

So, these are the reasons why you should try going to museums once in a while, it will not just help you, but you will also help the museum to fund itself to help other generations to see what you have appreciated.

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Cheers and have a great weeknd!


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