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Instagram 'Unfollowers' Now Traceable!

Instagram 'Unfollowers' Now Traceable!

By Anrol

It truly feels so good when people follow you on your Instagram account - it makes you a bit famous in a sense that people are really looking after your dailies to even your weeklies. But, what if you will get quite a number of 'unfollowers'? How are you suppose to know who 'unfollowed' you?
With the newly developed app, you no longer have to trace back your followers versus your list of following -- life made easier in just one click!

The mobile app is called Followers that helps you identify the names of your followers, following, the people you followed but did not follow you back, and those you did not follow back as well. It's a complete statistics of whatever you need, especially for the marketers and some famous personalities which will enable them to better understand the instagram users' behaviour towards following preferences.

Insights that explain from the perspective of the user, the media, and engagement.

There is more reasons now for you to be on Instagram and it is now the right time to market yourself, your brand/ product, and your activities.

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Next review will be about the mobile apps needed for like-a-pro photo editing techniques! Watch out for the next story here on the


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