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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Review

Winter is really coming on April 24!
By Anrol

Photo credits: Game of Thrones' official Facebook Page

It's scorching hot here in the Philippines but I can totally feel that Winter is Coming near! #GoT Geeks are now prepping up for the 6th Season, everyone now is taking refresher marathon of the previous episodes of the last season. Taking sides will again be the talk of the town, and I am proud to say that I belong to the House of the Mad King and Daenarys Targeryen is my queen.

Looking back from what happened in the last season, Jon Snow was slayed by his fellow watchmen (What a betrayal!). Nobody expected that Snow would die that way, though there had been a saying that nobody lives in the story, expect everyone to die, so there he died. But based on what I'm seeing, Melisandre will resurrect her, she'll bring her back and push him to claim the throne--just like what she did for Stannis but then she failed and fled away from Stannis' quest to claiming the throne. 

Another story to wait for, is Bran really making a big come back in the story? Will he be able to avenge his family against those who betrayed them, or will it be another frustration and heartache for us all? In the latest trailer, Bran was seen with the King of the Walkers, what does it mean? Will there be a new alliance forming to fight against weakening King's Landing.

Photo credit: Game of Thrones' official Facebook page
Meanwhile, after what happened to Arya, I don't really think there would be another way she could avenge the Starks. But hopefully Sansa would be able to gain more strength and courage to brave against enemies. 

Photo credit: Shot from the official trailer of Game of  Thrones Season 6 on HBO.
Can't wait to see the new season, truly an interesting story and never had a dull episode (Kudos to the production team!) This is really something to look forward to this Summer, and I am so ready to take a leave from work to not miss this. Valar Morghulis!

Watch the latest Season trailer through the link below the photo:

Photo credit: Shot from the official trailer of Game of  Thrones Season 6 on HBO.


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