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Dress Your Best At Work

#Flatlay version of my OOTD before going to work.

This was taken long time ago, but see I still have this button down
from Michael Kors. That's how I take good care of my clothes.
Regardless of your title, role, years of experience, or whatever hierarchical system your Company has, there should never be any hindrances from whatever statement you want to express or wear. Wear what you want and wear it best like nobody else can.

But of course, there is always a limit to everything, always match it with the environment in order for you to really stand out among others positively. Be yourself, but never overrate your style just to standout.

Dress like a pro at work.

There goes a saying, "Dress how you want to be addressed."

Sometimes, how you appear to people really matter. It is often the prerequisite of how they will regard you, whether you are the boss, the manager, the receptionist, the messenger or the maintenance personnel, let them know that you are worthy of their respect.

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be really expensive. 

Truly, fashion comes at a price, but you really have to be extra creative so that you can get the look that you want at so little cost. A lot of fashion brands today that are offering very affordable prices, to name a few: H&M, Bench, Forever21, and Cotton On. These boutiques are always on sale and are also world-class in style and quality. It’s worthy of your investment, trust me.

This was only taken at my room. Not at any studio or something.

Be fashionable even in the most minuscule detail.

My favorite liner-type socks, I bought it from H&M that comes in 3 pairs for P299. 
Today, socks signify your taste in style. They are rarely noticed, but it creates an impression of having an eye to fashion. Just like how people see your shoes, they subconsciously notice it and judge you on how you wear it.

People will judge you anyway, so make it really worth their judgment.

Same goes as to your belt, ring, watch, undershirt, especially underwear! Always be ready, you will never know when your polka dots understands will be exposed to the people around you. If it happens, make it extra awesome.

Overall, never forget to always be you, and make it your own; find the style that is suitable for you and your character, always consider that.

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Cheers and have a great weeknd!


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